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Our Heritage Farm (in operation for at least 100 years) is located within 100 miles of Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbus, GA  and Atlanta, GA, and just a few miles more from other metropolitan population centers  in Alabama and Georgia.  We can present tours suited to schools (K-12), farmers, church groups, garden clubs, and other community groups,

We can demonstrate the following latest organic farming techniques we use on our farm:  Water Harvesting, Micro-Irrigation and Plastic Mulch Installation, Hoop or High Tunnel Vegetable Production, Raised Bed Vegetable Production, Vegetable Transplant Production, Pollinator and Cover Crops Usage, Trap Crops Usage, Compost Production, Sweet Potato Slip Production, and Trellising of Beans, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers.

Contact us at: gthornton [at] sneakycrowfarm [dot] com or 334.338.1575 for further information.

Tuskegee University's Victor Khan presented practical information to a group of farmers and gardeners on the use of plastic mulch and drip irrigation and hoop house
during a demo held at our farm.

Randolph County Leadership Class of 2013 Visited the Hoop House in November. Salad greens were being grown in the structure at the time. 

Local farmers and gardeners attend one of our farm demos.

Presentations from USDA agencies reps and university
 provided practical information on organic  and
 farming methods.

Auburn University School of Agriculture students visited the farm in October 2014. They were given a tour of the farm and provided information on our organic and sustainable farming practices and our use of pheromone traps and scouting methods and trap crops. They were particularly interested in how we deal with pests including harmful insects.