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We are experienced organic growers. We will help you understand how to complete the necessary steps needed to prepare for the onsite farm inspection required by the National Organic Program (NOP).  We'll show you how to avoid making mistakes that will delay or even prevent your farm from obtaining the valuable "Certified USDA Organic" designation.

We help you cut through the bureaucratic tape and mis-information put out by anti-organics groups.  It is not difficult to become certified, if you have us help you. Our costs are reasonable, and the U.S. Government will reimburse a portion of the costs associated with transitioning to and obtaining certified USDA Organic status.

We do not provide certification services. We can refer you to certifying agents that do the actual farm inspection and certification granting.

We have been certified organic growers since 2011, so we know how to obtain and keep your operation certified.  We only provide this service for organic certification for plants. We do not provide services for organic animal production or processing/packing operations.

Contact us at: gthornton [at] sneakycrowfarm [dot com], or 334.338.1575 for additional information.